31 December 2016

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Good Question for you-Hello How are you?

Hello How are you?

This not an official but you read it carefully this is the feel of your mind.Because to live hear lot of people to talk to your these words.Your friends and parents and teachers.The situation different the peoples different to answer is not different even in not fine.Because anyone not know how can in my life today.That will to show you not success in your life.If you know that every human being has lot of problems that will recover to that share to others or other methods like cry etc.

But sure that you need to remove your life not fine situation and make happy .We teach you that how can happy that is not to tell any person.If you realized that you only.If your pain not feel others only understand you that will not describe in words.Words are the information only not to get exchange of feel like pain etc.
We  assume that you fine right now.If you have any complications are faced without know in God.So you think positively and continuously.To reach out other peoples you feel that my pain is less to compare to others.
If all peoples think that my pain is most pain in the life.What I can suggest you ,you are the most painful person,Iam the person you are the person we are limitations lot of factors to avoid our life in future.You think you can live after 20 years not suppose before you think I live today.So this is not our ability it will come to God to gift.So what I can do that gift to spread happiness of other life.That happiness to feel to create good environment .If you know that your body hormones ,the science say that in our body contains lot of hormones.
If your brain is master of you.The brain talk to your think about your environment upto your death.So listen here what think you need to better life what you can do for that?If you think positively your body become young otherwise your body become weak.Right brain is most impotant that your life for better career.
Right brain develop will be high you need to deep faith,deep prays and meditation.
If you know that you realize it ,to check today what better to feel it!!
I am told you before, now describe  what is the education need and what is the roles?
You think firstly lot of peoples like your grandmother and grandfather not educated as well as your education.Because they have no facilitys available to study or other reasons ,anyway iam tell that education is need to live better ,to feel better,to live long.
However we ask one question the most education of peoples what earn and learn their life after that their education,You must know that what is the role of Education.
Education is the one of the most  role to First to learn,Secondly To Inspire (be inspired) and you must be agents of inspiration there after you will be transferred finally we must be transform.
You don’t mind that I say never talk to you  it will useful for your career life and future.

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