31 December 2016

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Haha Hahha…….

What you think about In these words unconditional situations that kind of words is not to be happy.Because every happy moment in your life before you created.Now show that you attend exam and result will be announced now you are first you happy .but other person is not happy.What is the reason……..if any reason behind it that will not show you here now.But iam told that you know that your exam before attend and you expect more than good.That is behind history of each words and situations.If you not expect anything more about you oneday you catch good you say these words.Situation different but the most words like these.These not you mind but your previous thinks and feels to create your body language.

Other persons not to manage your language.You to try manage yourself to better that need.Our study is better to language and speak to other persons to better life inspirations and motivation to walk to better life.We speak inspirational words that will reflect to me and you and whole earth influence.This not sequential you try that in each day to tell yourself good words to speech and others to feel that the power of postiviness.Our teachers said that in class room powerful to understand because you firstly inspiration that person.If you not inspired that person you not to that subject to be not study higher .That is main reason that you relation with your subject and teacher.You can change your emotions to positively you can get higher score that subject.If lot of people to failure of subject to fear of lot of factors.We must learn what I can achieve to this time?You are think better today you should live better tomorrow.If you not decide to here born in particular country or particular family and particular region .That is the decision of God.You must understand about of God’s power you imagine it and to understand our failures of life and what I can succed to need more better.Your decision most important than others related your life.If you do in your life happy moment you do happy actions.I am happy to do anything anything like dancing ,singing etc.but you not happy that’s also.So you enjoy your life what you can create happy,then you do it.
Lot of people to lot about happy without any facilities like money,high position.If you not happy to born your parents but their happy and other relatives, that will not create thereself without god.If you happy to create yourself without god not sustained because each moment will gift as your god.
So do you think how much iam grow our life.There is no limit your growth you can assume that ,if you see your grandfather you get bothered about that age and one day Iam same situation faced like old man.
The peoples are age is changed different in each day and think is different each moment.What is stay together in your life you only.If you think you live youger but no solution for that not discovered upto here.After 50 years you definitely change before you it.It is the law of nature,you cannot answer it.So you teach yourself and other to better each and everyday.So now your life energetic what you dream it you realize it future.You bother about to successful dreams creative some skills like that Cognitive skill,Acquiring skill,Analysing Skill and Communication skill.

So readers to be happy now ,your dreams satisfy to fullness of happy your entire life. 
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