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18 December 2016

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EXAM DATE:28-07-2016

1.The eligible class of travel by train for grade I officers:
D.I Class

2.Mileage allowance for road journery admissible to grade III officers:
A.Rs.1.00 per km
B.Rs.1.50 per km
C.Rs.1.80 per km
D.Rs.2.00 per km*
3.The right of a govt.servant to travelling allowance including daily allowance shall be forfeited if the claim is not preferred within---------from the date on which it fell due.
A.2 Years
B.5 Years
C.1 Year*
D.3 Years
4.Officers who perform journey for official purpose by rail are entitled to claim actual rail fare plus incidental charges.Minimum incidental charges eligible is:
A.A daily allowance
B.Half daily allowance*
C.Four daily allowance
D.Two daily allowance
5.The limit of incidental expenses sanctioned along with standard air fare for travel by air from starting point to destination:
A.One daily allowance*
B.Five daily allowance
C.Two daily allowance
D.Four daily allowance
6.An officer while on tour is provided with free boarding and lodging and eligible for daily allowance:
A.At one half of the admissible rate
B.At three fourth of the admissible rate
C.At two thirds of the admissible rate
D.At one fourth of the admissible rate*
7.The officers of government travelling on University business will receive travelling allowance:
A.From the per KSR
B.Direct from the University according to its rules*
C.From the per University Rules
D.Direct form the University as per KSR
8.Additional rate of daily allowance or mileage allowance admissible to officers when travelling in class I hill tracts:
A.12.5 percent
B.20 percent
C.25 percent*
D.10 percent
9.An officers whose PTA is Rs.600 per month and whose minimum number of days on tour is fixed as 15 days per month,is on duty for the whole month and tours only for 12 days.Calculate the PTA eligible for the month:
10.Generally,a daily allowance may not be drawn for more than --------days of halt at one place.
A.15 days
B.20 days
C.10 days*
D.30 days

11.An officer who was on tour left Trivandrum at 10 PM on 17.05.2016 and arrived Ernakulam on 18.05.2016 at 4 AM.After completing official duty he returned at 8 PM on 20.05.2016 and reached HQ at 2 AM on 21.05.2016.Calculate DA admissible to the officer:
A.4 daily allowance
B.3 daily allowance*
C.3 ½ Daily allowance
D.2 ½ Daily allowance
12.A Govt.servant is on tour in a public conveyance to an out station 15 KM away from his Headquarters and returned within 24 hour after completing his official duty.TA and DA admissible to him:
A.Half a DA
C.One DA*
D.None of the above
13.An officer is transferred to a new place 40 KM away from old station temporarily for one month for public convenience.Travelling allowance eligible to him:
A.Travelling allowance DA admissible for tour*
B.Transfer TA
C.Transfer TA and DA for half at the new station
D.None of the above
14.On request transfer was allowed to a Govt.Servant to a new station 120 KM away from his Headquarters.Eligibility for transfer TA accrues if he spent in his old station:
A.On completion of six months service
B.On completion two years service without availing any leave
C.On completion of one year service without availing any leave*
D.Not eligible for transfer TA
15.Travelling allowance admissible to an officer on retirement to enable his to settledown any place after retirement:
A.Travelling allowance admissible for official tour
B.Travelling allowance admissible for journey on transfer*
C.Actual experience incurred for the travel
D.Not eligible for travelling allowance
16.Time limit to perform journey of the members of the family to the home of an officer who dies in service for claiming travelling allowance:
A.Within one year from the date of death
B.Within three months from the date of death*
C.Within six months from the date of death
D.Within two years from the date of death
17.The incidental charges admissible to an officer,who is supplied with means of conveyance without charges performed a journey of 30 KM away from headquarters and returned in 24 hours.
A.One DA
B.Actual incidental charges
D.Minimum half DA*
18.A Govt.servant performed a tour for official purpose from 10.05.2016 to 12.05.2016.TA become due  for payment on:
19.Leave Travel Concession(LTC)is admissible to Govt.employee if they have completed---------of continuous service.
A.10 Years
B.15 Years*
C.12 Years
D.8 Years
20.Place of visit and maximum distance of,to and for journey admissible under LTC.
A.Maximum 6500 km
B.Maximum 6500 km,visit any places in India*
C.Maximum 5000 km,visit any places in India
D.Maximum 6500 km,visit any places in South India
21.Maximum distance of single journey allowed for hiring Taxi/Autorickshaw in connecting with journey on tour:
A.20 KM
B.8 KM
C.10 KM
D.15 KM*
22.Number of days allowed to a Govt.servant for preparation during joining time in addition a period to cover actual journey:
A.8 days
B.6 days*
C.10 days
D.4 days
23.Number of days allowed to an officer during joining time to cover the journey who was it transferred to a new station 400 KM by road away from the old station which is not connected by rail:
A.6 days
B.8 days
C.4 days
D.3 days*
24.The period of deputation to foreign service allowed to a Govt.servant continuously in the aggregate
A.5 Years*
B.1 Year
C.10 Years
D.20 Years
25.Special allowance for holding full additional charge for a period exceeding one month with effect from 01.02.2016:
A.4% of minimum of the scale of pay of additional post.*
B.2% of minimum of the scale of pay of additional post
C.4% of pay of the post held
D.2% of pay of the post held
26.The drawal of special allowance for holding additional charge should not be allowed for a period exceeding----------months,on any account.
A.2 months
B.6 months
C.3 months*
D.12 months
27.Rate of HRA admissible during joining time:
A.HRA applicable to the new station to which he is transferred
B.HRA applicable to the old station from which he was transferred*
C.A or B whichever in higher
D.HRA is not admissible during joining time
28.Maximum number of days admissible as joining time in respect of transfer including Sunday:
A.6 days
B.8 days
C.12 days
D.30 days*
29.Spectacle allowance to a govt.servant is allowed:
A.Once in entire service
B.Once in five years*
C.Once in 10 years
D.Twice in entire service
30.Employers who are undergoing major organ transplantation allowed special allowance for:
A.90 days*
B.60 days
C.120 days
D.150 days
31.Period of leave admissible without medical certificate in continuation of maternity leave:
A.60 days*
B.90 days
C.120 days
D.150 days
32.Paternity leave admissible to a govt.servant not allowed to combined with:
A.Earned leave
B.Half pay leave
C.LWA sanctioned for employment abroad*
D.Commuted leave
33.When a Govt.servant on transfer performs his journey with family in a convenyance  provided by the of cost,TA admissible?
A.Transfer TA
B.TA for the journey as on official tour
C.Daily allowance for each calendar day of journey*
D.Not eligible for TA and DA
34.When an officer is entitled to free pass for the railway journey,mileage allowance admissible to for an official journey
A.Mileage allowance he draws for the journey must be reduced by the amount of fare he would have  paid*
B.Mileage allowance admissible for the rail journey
C.Not eligible for mileage allowance for the rail journey
D.None of the above
35.An officer is deputed to undergo a course of training for a period of six months,200 KM away from his headquarters.Travelling allowance admissible to the officer during the training:
A.Travelling allowance and daily allowance admissible for the journey
B.Travelling allowance under the rules for journeys on transfer*
C.TA and DA not admissible
D.TA and DA admissible during training
36.Travelling allowance is not admissible for journey undertaken:
A.To obtain anti-rabic treatment
B.Journey to nearest Govt.Medical Institution for treatment of TB
C.To procure health certificate on first appointment to Govt.service*
D.None of the above
37.A candidate appointed as clerk on 10.10.2013 was on probation for a period of 2 years duty within a continuous period of three years.During the probation he should pass MOP test.He has passed the test on 20.01.2016 and sanctioned second increment on declaration of probation.Third increment will be due on:
38.Authority competent to restore commuted portion of pension:
A.Treasury Officer*
B.Head of Office
C.Appointing Authority
D.Head of Department
39.The initial substantive pay of an officer who is appointed substantively to a post on a time scale of pay which has been reduced for reasons other than a diminution of duties or responsibilities attached to post thereon and who is not entitled to draw pay on the time scales as it stood prior to reduction is regulated by:
A.Rule 30
B.Rule 28*
C.Rule 37(a)
D.Rule 28A
40.In the case of a probationer whose period of probation is one year and whose increment is annual the first increment in the scale of pay of probation shall be drawn only with effect from:
A.First day of the month on which the officer completed a year
B.The date on which he is declare to have completed his probation*
C.Date from which he completed one year
D.First day of the month on which he is declared to have completed his probation
41.A Govt.servant thrown of service for want of  vacancy and reappointed after a break in the same post can count his prior service for increment:
A.Service in the new post alone count for increment
B.Prior service cannot count for increment
C.Prior service can count for increment*
D.Prior service can count only for pension
42.A candidate who was appointed temporarily as clerk on the advise of Employment Exchange from 01.10.2014 for 179 days.Later he was appointed as clerk on 28.11.2015 on the advise of KPSC in the same department.Probation is for 2 years.His first Increment is due on:
43.Pension admissible to an employee who has retired from service on 31.05.2016.Qualifying service 33 years.Average emoluments Rs.59,400
44.The date of compulsory retirement of an officer appointed on or after 01.04.2013 and who is a member of National Pension System?
A.The day in which he attains the age of 60 yeas
B.Last day of the month in which he attains the age of 60 years*
C.Last day of the month in which he attains the age of 56 years
D.Last day of the month in which he attains the age of 58 years
45.’Leave may not be granted to an officer under suspension’Quote the rule:
A.Rule 61 KSR Part 1
B.Rule 77 KSR Part 1
C.Rule 59 KSR Part 1*
D.Rule 64 KSR Part 1
46An officer in the scale of pay of clerk having increment on 01.07.2015 and qualified for promotion has been sanctioned 8 years time bound higher in the scale of pay of senior clerk on 25.04.2016 and fixed his pay on that date.His next increment due on higher grade scale
47.’Future good conduct shall be an implied condition of every grant of pension’Quote the rule?
A.Rule 12 KSR Part I
B.Rule 12 KSR Part III
C.Rule 2 KSR Part III*
D.Rule 2 KSR Part II
48.The liabilities of an employee should be quantified and intimated to him before  retirement if possible or after retirement within a period of:
A.One year
B.Three years*
C.Six months
D.Two years
49.If the withhold increments could not be given effect to before the retirement,the monetary value equivalent to the amount of increment may be recovered from the ---------of the employee.
C.Terminal surrender amount
D.Communication amount
50.Allowance granted in deserving cases to an employee dismissed for misconduct:
A.Compensation allowance
B.Invalid Pension
C.Exgratia Pension
D.Compassionate allowance*
51.Period of service of a full time contingent employee absorbed in regular establishment count for pension:
A.Sixty percent
B.Hundred percent*
C.Fifty percent
D.Forty percent
52.Maximum period of Bar Service treated as qualifying service permitted to add to the service of a govt.employee for super-annuation pension is-subject to conditions?
A.Eight years
B.Ten years*
C.Three years
D.Fifteen years
53.Service of an employee prior to 18 years of age qualify for:
A.Invalid pension
B.Exgratia pension
C.Compensation pension
D.None of the above*
54.Leave which shall not count as qualifying service for pension:
A.Half pay leave
B.LWA for three months availed for travel to USA*
C.Commuted Leave
D.60 days LWA availed in continuation of maternity leave
55.Invalid pension is granted on the ground of:
A.Suffering from contagious disease
B.Physical disability
C.Mental disability or infirmity
D.A or B or C*
56.Maximum period of weightage increased subject to conditions to actual period of service on sanctioning invalid pension:
A.Five years*
B.One year
C.Three years
D.Ten years
57.Rules regulating voluntary retirement of an employee after 20 years of service contained in:
A.Rule 56 Part I KSR
B.Rule 11 Part III KSR
C.Rule 56 Part III KSR*
D.Rule 60 Part I KSR
58.Notice period for requiring an employee who completed thirty years of service to retire in public interest:
A.Six months
B.Three months*
C.One month
D.Four months
59.The qualifying service of an employee who has put in 9 years and 2 months for calculation of pension rounded  to:
A.9 years
B.9 and ½ years
C.10 years*
D.None of the above
60.Maximum period of service of an employee admissible for superannuation pension:
A.25 years
B.33 years
C.35 years
D.30 years*
61.The authority competent to reduce pension if the service of an employee has not been thoroughly satisfactory:
A.Accountant General
B.The Government*
C.Appointing authority
D.Head of Department
62.The term’emoluments’for the purpose calculation of Gratuity include-on the date of retirement.
B.Pay,Dearness pay
D.Basic Pay and DA*
63.Maximum amount of DCRG admissible to Govt.employees with effect from 01.07.2014?
A.14 Lakh*
B.7 Lakh
C.10 Lakh
D.12 Lakh
64.An employee who has completed of minimum qualifying service is eligible DCRG
A.3 years
B.8 years
C.5 years*
D.10 years
65.An employee who is due to retire on 31.05.2016,drawing a basic pay of Rs.50,400 DA Rs.4,536 and HRA Rs.1,500 having qualifying service 24 years.Calculate DCRG admissible?
66.Calculate the average emolument of an employee from the following details given.Date of retirement 31.03.2016,Pay as on 01.04.2015 Rs.45,800,Increment on 1.07.2015 pay raised to Rs.46,900
67.Gratuity admissible to the family of an employee who died in the fourth year of service will be equal to:
A.Four times the emoluments at the time of death
B.Six times the emoluments at the time of death*
C.Five times the emoluments at the time of death
D.Eight times the emoluments at the time of death
68.Pension benefits admissible to an employee who retires with a qualifying service with 9 or less service:
A.Compensation pension
B.Compassionate allowance
C.Exgratia Pension*
D.Invalid pension
69.When a Govt.employee is to retire before his pension can be assessed and settled anticipatory pension shall be paid for a period----------from the date of retirement
A.Six months*
B.Ten months
C.One year
D.Three months
70.If a pension remains undrawn for more than ----------the pension ceases  to be payable
A.Seven years
B.One year
C.Five years
D.Three years*
71.Monthly grant made to an officer who is not in receipt of pay or leave salary is called:
B.Special allowance
C.Subsistance allowance*
D.Compensatory allowance
72.For every three day’s late attendance without permission an officer will for felt a days casual leave.The computation of forfeiture of a day’s casual leave will be with respect to the:
B.Financial year
C.Half year
D.Calendar year*
73.Monetary benefit for promotions which do not involve change of duties shall be admissible only for a maximum period-------prior to the date of  order of promotion,irrespective of the date of effect promotion
A.Six month
B.One year*
C.Two year
D.Three years
74.Dies non is described in:
A.Rule 14 KSR Part I
B.Rule 14A KSR Part I*
C.Rule 24 KSR Part I
D.Rule 24A KSR Part I
75.Authority competent to accept resignation of the Govt.servant:
A.Superior Officer
B.Head of the office
C.Accountant General
D.Appointing Authority*
76.A clerk who is drawing a pay with effect from 01.07.2015 of Rs.25,200 in the scale of pay 19000-500-20000-550-22200-600-25200-650-27800----43600 is promoted as Senior Clerk with  effect from 01.04.2016 in the scale of pay of 25200-650-27800-700-29900-800-33900-900-37500-1000-45200-1100-48000-1250-54000.What is the pay as on 01.04.2016 on fixation of pay?
 77.A Head Clerk on higher grade pay of 27800-59400 is promoted as Junior Superintendent on regular basis with effect from  01.05.2016 in the same scale of pay 27800-59400.State the rule under which his pay is regulated:
A.Rule 28
B.Rule 28A
C.Rule 30*
D.Rule 37(a)
78.Increment accruing consequent on declaration of probation shall be drawn:
A.From the first day of the month in which probation declared
B.Only with effect from the date of completion of probation*
C.From the first day of the next month
D.After one year from the date of completion of probation
79.A Civil Police Officer drawing a pay of Rs.22,200 in the scale of 22200-48000 got appointment as Clerk by direct recruitment in the scale of pay 19000-43600.Rule under which his pay  regulated on joining duty as LDC in Panchayath Department on 01.07.2016
A.Rule 28
B.Rule 28A
C.Rule 37A
D.Rule 37(b)*
80.The pay of a govt.servant whose promotion or appointment to a post is found to be erroneous,shall be regulated as per:
A.Rule 37 A KSR Part I*
B.Rule 37 KSR Part I
C.Rule 28 KSR Part I
D.Rule 28A KSR Part I
81.Calculate the period one month and two days from 30th January:
A.3rd March
B.4th March
C.2nd March*
D.1st March
82.HRA and CCA will be payable during the period of leave with allowance if the total period of such leave does not exceed:
A.6 months
B.180 days*
C.4 months
D.120 days
83.An officer under suspension is entitled to the subsistence allowance at an amount equal to:
A.The leave salary which the officer would have drawn had he been on commuted leave on the suspension date
B.The leave salary which the officer would have drawn had he been on half pay leave on the suspension date*
C.The leave salary which the officer would have drawn had he been on LWA on the suspension date
D.The leave salary which the officer  would have drawn had he been on earned leave on the suspension date
84.Select from the following items which should not he deducted from the subsistence allowance:
A.Subscription to a General Provident Fund*
B.Income Tax
C.House rent and allied charges
D.Subscription to group insurance scheme
85.As per Kerala Service Rule the date of compulsory retirement of an officer shall take effect from the------of the month in which he attains the age 56 years.
A.Fore noon of the last day
B.Last day
C.After noon of the last day*
D.5 PM of the last day
87.Time limit for commutation of a leave originally granted to an officer retrospectively to any other kind of leave admissible:
A.Three years from the date sanctioning of original leave
B.Three months from the date sanctioning of Original leave
C.Six months from the date sanctioning of Original leave
D.One year from the date sanctioning of original leave*
88.In the case of an officer applying leave preparatory to retirement,the maximum earned leave that may be granted at a time shall be--------days.
89.The earned leave admissible to an officer in permanent employee is:
A.One earned leave for eleven days spent on duty*
B.One earned leave for twenty two days spent on duty
C.One earned leave for twenty days spent on duty
D.One earned leave for thirty days spent on duty
90.The earned leave admissible to an officer in permanent employ serving in  a vacation department for the last five years,in respect of an year in which he is prevented from enjoying 20 days of vacation having a vacation of 60 days.
A.30 days
B.24 days
C.10 days*
D.12 days
91.The half pay leave admissible to an officer in permanent employ in respect of each year of service:
A.15 days
B.10 days
C.30 days
D.20 days*
92.An officer on leave not due is entitled to leave salary equal to:
A.Salary entitled during earned leave
B.Salary entitled during half pay leave*
C.Salary entitled during commuted leave
D.None of the above
93.Leave salary admissible to an officer who is on commuted leave?
A.Pay admissible had he been on duty*
B.Half of the pay admissible had he been on duty
C.Sixty five percent of pay admissible had he been on duty
D.None of the above
94.Rules for the grant of leave to officers appointed for limited period is regulated in:
A.Chapter IX KSR Part I
B.Appendix XII A KSR Part I
C.Appendix VIII KSR Part I*
D.Appendix XVIIB KSR Part I
95.Members of teaching staff of Educational Institution shall be eligible for casual leave in a calendar year:
A.Twenty days
B.Twelve days
C.Ten days
D.Fifteen days*
96.The maximum period of LWA that can be sanctioned to a Gov.servant to join spouse as per KSR:
A.Ten years
B.Twenty years*
C.Fifteen years
D.Five years
97.How many years of continues service has to be completed to an officer not in permanent employment to eligible for leave admissible to a substantive post?
A.Three years*
B.Five years
C.Ten years
D.Two days
98.Special disability leave was granted to a driver working in PWD who was disabled by injury caused while performing official duty.Leave salary eligible to the employee is equal to:
A.Leave salary during half pay leave
B.Not eligible for leave salary
C.Duty pay excluding DA
D.Leave salary during earned leave*
99.Period of maternity leave admissible to a female officer on full pay?
A.120 days
B.180 days*
C.150 days
D.360 days
100.For the purpose of travelling allowance officers are classified into-------grades.

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