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28 November 2019

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A new thought

Wishing everyone a pleasant and good day.Today,lets talk about something interesting for everyone.Before disclosing the topic,the most important thing is that,you should have a liking towards the things that is intend to share, then only there will be fulfillment for my intention.Now,lets move to the topic.When we come across ‘n’numbers of opportunities,we will pick only the one,that will be more interesting to us.The reason for that is,we can only find happiness in doing things as per our interest.Otherwise we will be depressed. For example,if a person becomes a doctor,which is not his area of interest,then he won’t excel in his career.When we get affected with diseases,we will take medicines, because our intention is to cure from illness.If only we have an ambition to secure a good job,then only we will start studying hardly.If we move as per our interest in our life, then surely we can come out with flying colours.We will have a liking towards a particular person or object, when we have a point of interest on them.When we go to purchase a sandal,we will pick only the one which satisfies us.Because we ensure that the one which travel with us should bring happiness to us.If it is not so,sadness will haunt us,whenever we think about our wrong purchase.[took sandals just for a sake of an example].As we continue doing things,which are against our desire and interest,never ever we can achieve happiness.
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