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18 May 2013

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1.Teaching Aptitude
*Teaching:Nature,objectives,characteristics and basic requirement;
*Learner’s characteristics;
*Factors affecting teaching;
*Methods of teaching;
*Teaching aids;
*Evaluation systems.

2.Research Aptitude
*Research:Meaning,characteristics and types;
*Steps of research;
*Methods of research;
*Research Ethics;
*Paper,article,Workshop,seminar,conference and symposium;
*Thesis writing:its characteristics and format.

3.Reading Comprehension
*A passage to be set with questions to be answered.

*Communication:Nature,characteristics,types,barriers and effective classroom communication.

5.Reasoning(Including Mathematical)
*Number series;letter series;codes;

6.Logical Reasoning
*Understanding the structure of arguments;
*Evaluating and distinguishing deductive and inductive reasoning.
*Verbal classification;
*Verbal analogies:Word analogy-Applied analogy;
*Reasoning Logical Diagrams:
Simple diag-rammatic relationship,
Multi-diagrammatic relationship;
*Venn diagram;Analytical Reasoning.

7.Data Interpretation
*Sources,acquisition and interpretation of data;
*Quantitative and qualitative data;
*Graphical Representation and mapping of data.

8.Information and communication Technology(ICT)
*ICT:meaning ,advantages,disadvantages and uses;
*General abbreviations and terminology;
Basics of internet and e-mailing.

9.People and Environment
*People and environment interaction;
*Sources of pollution;
*Pollutants and their impact on human life,exploitation of natural and energy resources;
*Natural hazards and mitigation

10.Higher EducationSystem:Governance,Polity and Administration
*structure of the institutions for higher learning and research in India;formal and distance education;professional/technical and general education;value education:governance,polity and administration;concept,institutions and their interactions.

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