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23 June 2013

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Exam Date:19 November 2011 
1.What is the importance of Vaikkom-Sathyagraha?
2.What is the meant by the term secularism?
3.In which amendment fundamental duties are incorporated in the constitution of India,and from where it is adopted?
4.Mention the role of civil society to prevent the corruption in the country.
5.What are the main problem of under development?
6.What is the stage of demographic transition in Kerala?
7.What is the impact of MGNREGA?
8.Point and the relevance of Western Ghat for sustainable development.
9.What is the significance of political participation by women in local self government?
10.What is the name of the nations higest sports award?Who won this award 2011,in which event?

1.What is the scientific principle behind the photocell?
2.Name the Indian scientist who has given major contribution in “Thermal ionization
3.Mention the Phenomenon”Green House Effect”
4.Name the phenomenon of light establishes that light waves are transverse in nature
5.State Aufbau principle in connection with filling up of orbitals with electrons
6.Define the term”Chemotherapy”
7.Explain the term”Meiosis”
8.Translocation is carried out by tissues of plants.Name the tissues performing this function.
9.An Indian made payload that was used in “Chandrayan-I consists of three important observation units such as Radar Altimeter,Video imaging system,Mass Spectrometer”Name the payload.
10.The latest telecommunication satellite GSAT-12 was launched from  Satheesh Dhavan space centre Sreekarikotta(Andra Pradesh)on 15th July 2011.Name the Rocket used for launching it.

1.How far the Constitution of India protects the right to education of a person?
2.Briefly explain the salient features of Universal Declaration of Human rights held at Geneva in 1948.
3.Who is considered as the first owner of a copy right?
4.Define the term”Goonda”according to the provision of Kerala Anti-Social Activities(Prevention)Act 2007.
5.Explain the meaning of”information”under Right to information Act 2005.
6.Describe the circumstances in which the use of a computer without the permission of the owner is liable to pay damages.
7.What are the punishments imposed according to provisions of Kerala Prohibition of Ragging Act?
8.Explain the law relating to wearing helmets while driving a vehicle.
9.Describe the provision of Act relating to maintenance of Parents and Senior Citizens in India
10.Briefly state the constitution of National Commission for Women.

PART II(GENERAL ENGLISH)(Should be answered in English)
1.Rewrite the following as directed:
A.Rewrite using ‘hardly’
No sooner had he reached the station than the train left.
B.Supply the missing preposition:
He looked……the dictionary for the word
C.Rewrite as a negative sentence:You are prohibited from entering this office
D.Rewrite the following sentence using’only’We have five minutes,and no more
E.Rearrange the words to form a meaningful sentence
Man quaeelsome my is neighbor very a

II.Summarize  the following passage,reducing it into one-third of its length
Unconsciousness is a state where the person appears to be in deep sleep from which he or she can not be awoken.The individual does not respond to any external stimful,like sprinkling cold water on the face,and for that matter even painful ones like piercing with a pin or tingling a nerve.This insensible state is brought about by some interference in the normal functioning in the brain and the nervous system.Unconsciousness when partial is called stupor and when complete is termed as coma.In case of stupor,the individual can be roused with difficulty but the eyelids cannot be opened due to the resistance by the individual.In coma,however,although there is no response when an individual is being  called,the lids can be opened without any resistance.The usual cases of unconsciousness includes fainting,sunstroke and concussion.Fainting is caused by the temporary reduction in the blood supply to the brain  because of right or unexpected good or bad news.People held up in stuffy places like elevators offen faint.A sudden fall in blood pressure can also cause fainting.The individual appears pale,becomes weak and slow,breathing becomes shallow and the skin turns cold and clammy.Excessive summer heat can make an individual faint.Prolonged exposure to sun may also cause sunstroke which starts with headache,vomiting,dizziness,cramps,or dryness of the throat.Concussion commonly result in  unconsciousness.Direct injury to the brain caused by either a blow on the head or a fall from a height may result in concussion and compression.The casualty may ‘black out’ for a short while in mild cases.Concussion and compression result in stupor or coma in more serious cases.An Individual could suddenly become unconscious due to a heart attack.The initial signs are vomiting,profuse sweating and pain in the left side of the chest.

III.Write a paragraph of around 125 words on:
A.Rabindranath Tagore
B.Mother Teresa

PART III(REGIONAL LANGUAGE)(Should be answered in Malayalam/Tamil/Kannada)

I.Write a paragraph of around 200 words each on the following:
A.Tourism-its potential in Kerala
B.Tapping Non conventional energy-Prospects for Kerala.

II.Write short essay not exceeding  500 words about the following:
Water scarcity-A potential threat

III.Translate the following passage into your Regional language.(Malayalam/Tamil/Kannada)

Study of place names is a part of the study of the culture of the region and the study of history of the regional language in particular.Each place name has a story to tell.Not all of these stories are identical.Some of these names conceal in them very old references and some others have references hidden in the place names as they preserve archaic forms with which we are not familiar.Many place names allow various interpretations.Since language has changed considerably and since these changes have not affected many of the place names,it becomes difficult to reconstruct the significance of the words contained in them.
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