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22 July 2013

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1.Co-operative Movement in Foreign Countries:Great Britian(Consumer);Germany (Agricultural Credit);Denmark (Dairy);China(Induscos);Japan (Multi-purpose societies);USA(Marketing);USSR(Collective Farms)

2.Co-operation and other Economic Systems,Organisations and Associations:
Co-operation and Economic Systems:Capitalism,Socialism and Communism
Co-operation and other Forms of Organisation:Sole Trader Partnership,Farms and Joint Stock Companies
Co-operation  and other Associations:Trade Unions,Friendly Societies,Cartels and Social Services
Co-operation as Enterprise;and Co-operative Common Wealth
Stages of Co-operative Development:Limited vs Unlimited Liability,Unitary vs Federal,Designer vs Blue Print,Designer vs”Green House”,Univalent vs Polyvalent,Multipurpose vs Multifunctional;Professional Management and Leadership in Co-operatives.

3.Co-operation and its Principles:Co-operation-Meaning,Defintion,Features,Importance,Benefits.
Principles of Co-operation:Roachdaf”(first stage),Reformulated  Co-operative Principles by ICA(2nd stage),Karve Committee in co-operative principles (3rd stage)and Principles at the 4th stage by ICA in 1995

4.Co-operative Education and Training:Meaning,Importance,ICA-Role in Cooperative Movement,NCUI-Its Role in Education and Training;Vamnicom,NCCT,ICM,State Cooperative Unions-Its Role in Education and Training,Co-operative Week,Co-operative Flag,journals on Co-operation

5.Types of Co-operatives and Co-operative Credit Agricultural Credit Societies,Non-Agricultural Credit Societies,Non- Agricultural Non Credit Societies,PACS,Service Co-operative Banks,Farmers Banks,District Co-operative Banks,State Co-operative Banks,Primary agricultural and Rural Development Banks,NABARD and its Role  in Co-operative Movement,Consumer Societites,Dairy Societies,Marketing Societies,SC/ST Societies,Urban Co-operative Banks,Employee Societies,IFFCO,KRIBCO,Fishery Societies,Housing Societies,Industrial Societies(Weavers and Coir Societies),NAFED,MILMA,HANTEX,MATSYAFED,MCAC,NHB and NCB.Types of Credit:short,Medium and Long term,Two tier and Three tier Credit Structure

6.Co-operative legislations-Co-operative Credit Societies Act,1904-Features,Co-operative Societies Act,1912-Features,Kerala Co-operative Societies Act,1969-Features,Multistage Co-operative Societies Act,1984 and its Replacement Model Co-operative Act in 2002-Features;Registration of Co-operative Societies-Formalities,Bye Law-Model and its Amendmetn-Formalities,Change of name and Liability-Formalities,Membership-Formalities,Qualifications and Disqualifications of Members of Board,Election-Procedure,Settlement of Disputes,Types and Procedure,Enquiry,Inspection,Supervision,Surcharge,Liquidation and its Formalities;Board of Directors Meeting,Annual General Body Meeting ,Minutes,Quorum for the Meetings,Removal and Explusion of Members,Restrictions on Holding Shares,Privileges of Co-operatives.

7.Administrative Set-up of Co-operative Department in kerala-Delegation of powers,Audit-Procedure,Audit Programme,Vouching,Audit Classifications,Proceedings

8.Co-operative Accounting:Meaning,Definition,Special Features of Co-operative Accounting,Sources of Funds-Owned and Borrowed,State aid to Co-operatives,Preparation of Trial Balance,Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet,Treatment of Overdue Interest.
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