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6 June 2013

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*Sociological and philosophical Foundations of Education
Educational in pre-independent India.Development of modern education.Reports of education Commissions,Education in post independent India,Reports and policies after independence,Current problems of education in India and attempts made to solve them.SSA and other programmes.

1.Which of the following phrases best neglect the nature of elementary education advocated in India?

2.The expanded form of ECCE is:
A.Extension Centre for Child  Education
B.Effective Child Care and Education
C.Education and Care for Children Everywhere.
D.Early Childhood Care and Education

3.Which of the following caused a heavy blow to the indigenous schools in India?
A.Charter Act of 1813
B.Macaulay’s Minutes of 1835.
C.Woods Despatch of 1854
D.The Indian Education Commission 1882

4.Which of the following reports considered first the service condition and status of teachers as an important issue to be tackled?
A.The Resolution of 1904
B.The Hartog Committee of 1929
C.The Act of 1935
D.The Sargent Report of 1944

5.The most important difference between informal education and non-formal education is that:
A.The former is organized,the latter is not organized
B.The former is not organized,the latter is organised
C.The former occurs within the institution,the latter occurs outside the institution
D.The former is subjective,the latter is objective

6.’Nai Talim’is the term used to describe the educational programme designed by:
B.Rabindranath Tagore
C.Mahatma Gandhi
D.Swami Vivekananda

7.The educationist closely related to ‘Critical Pedagogy’.
D.Paulo Freire

8.Name the teacher-philosopher who served the nation as president of India:
A.Dr.Zakir Hussain
B.Dr.Sankar Dayal Sharma
C.Dr.Fakrudin Ali Ahmed

9.The importance of teacher education as a pre-requisite for an efficient educational system was first emphasized by:
A.The Woods Despatch
B.The Hunter Commission
C.The Calcutta University Commission
D.The White Paper

10.Which of the following was responsible for instituting the first three universities in India?
A.The Woods Despatch
B.The Charter Act
C.The Macaulay’s Minutes
D.The Indian Universities Act

11.The programme of compulsory primary education in India was initiated by:
B.Raja Ram Mohan Roy

12.Which of the following reports identified for the first time secondary education as a weak link in our educational system that requires suggestion for improvement?
A.The Tarachand Committee 1948
B.The University Education Commission 1949
C.The Secondary Education Commission 1954
D.The Indian Education Commission 1966

13.Name the Chairman of the Education Commission whose report is said to be the “magnacarta”of teachers:
B.Dr.Malcolm Adiseshiah
D.Acharya Rama Moorthy

14.The philosophy of Basic Education was supported by:
A.Zakir Hussain
C.Rajendra Prasad

15.The author of ’pedagogy of the oppressed’is:
A.Ivan Illich
B.John Hold
C.Everet Reimer
D.Paulo Freire

16.A School complex is:
A.A school facing many complex issues
B.A group of schools co-operatively working for quality improvement
C.An organization of teachers of a compact set of schools
D.A collection of many educational institutions in a campus

17.The economic cause for low educational standard is:
A.Poor literacy rate
B.Poverty of the people
C.Nonproductive education
D.Absense of work culture

18.The modern trend in the Elementary School education in India can be described as:

19.Which of the following caused a heavy blow to the schools in pre-independent India?
A.Charter Act of 1813
B.Macaulay’s Minutes of 1835
C.Wood’s Despatch of 1884
D.Abbot-Wood report of 1937

20.Most of the social problems of modern India is due to the neglect of:
A.Basic education
B.Technical education
C.Traditional education
D.Compulsory education

21.A student who is normally energetic is found to be continuously inactive and inattentive in your class in spite of making all efforts.Which of the following steps will you take?
A.Ask the parents to consult a doctor and improve the health of the student
B.Frequently ask questions to the student while teaching
C.Spend additional time to teach the subject
D.Adopt counseling technique and identify the reason before taking a decision

22.The facilities of the urinals of the school are found to be quite unhealthy and miserable.As a teacher what action will you take?
A.Ask the students to agitate so that the authorities are compelled to do something
B.Contribute to a fund being raised by the principal
C.Take initiative to pool together societal help and do something urgently
D.Since it is the duty of the authorities refrain from taking any active role

23.During a train journey,you found some students pulling the alarm chain simply to get down at their desired point.What would you do?
A.Keep quiet and do nothing
B.Let them pull chain but prevent them from getting down
C.With the help of other passengers stop them doing so
D.Inform the guard of the train as soon as the train stops

24.Some students of your class approach you with the request to be the editor of a hand written magazine they would like to publish.What you will do?
A.Readily accept the invitation and edit the magazine for them
B.Ask them not to divert their attention from the examination by taking up such ventures
C.Encourage them,make one of them the editor and sincerely help them to edit a good magazine
D.Neglect them without making any commitment of your own

25.You strongly feel that certain decisions taken by your principal are not good for the institution.What step will you take?
A.Neglect these and do your duty properly
B.Create opinion among the staff against the decisions
C.Have a friendly talk with the principal and present your arguments
D.Tell the pupils how the decisions are not good and ask them to oppose

26.A boy of your school is found to recite poems excellently well.How could this talent be put to maximum use for the school?
A.Prepare audio tapes of the boy reciting poems from the text books and use it in classes
B.Arrange sessions of the literary associations in which he is made to recite poems.
C.Sponsor him to participate in as many competitions as possible
D.Produce a brief documentary for a TV.Programme.

27.A student from a very poor family is found to shirk classes quite often.What step will you  take first?
A.Call him to the teachers room and scoid him
B.Report the matter to the parents and ask them to take severe steps
C.Report the matter to the principal and request him to take steps
D.Have a friendly talk with the student and locate the reason

28.Your students consisting of boys and girls are planning to go on a study tour.What role will you play in the planning of the programme?
A.You yourself  draw up  a plan and give to them
B.Have a through discussion under your guidance and finalise the plan
C.You accept the plan decided upon by the pupils
D.You give the student leaders the responsibility to conduct the tour

29.Suppose an intelligent student exhibits-mal-adjustment due to some family problems.As he has deep faith in you he comes to you for some solution.What action will you take?
A.You contact the family members and tell that the student has approached you
B.You tell him that you are not the person to give him guidance
C.You send the child back without interfering in his problem
D.You patiently have a talk and suggest some positive steps

30.The most important task to be accomplished by a teacher is:
A.To maintain discipline in the class
B.To make students prepare the assignments
C.To conduct examination and to give feed back
D.To develop the skill of learning how to learn

31.Following  a serious clash among students you are asked to find a solution.What course of action would you adopt?
A.Convince the groups about the seriousness of the issue
B.Tell them that severe action will be  taken if this is continued
C.Counsel them individually and then arrange a friendly discussion
D.Arrange a meeting of the groups and discuss

32.What will be the nature of your  participation in Parent Teacher Association?
A.Sit and patiently hear what the parents have to say
B.Try to implement the suggestions made by others
C.Objectively present relevant issues faced by the school and try to procure co-operation of the parents for their solution
D.Keep a diary about the pupils of your class and present relevant points before their  parents

33.If you find somebody  ill-treating aged persons,how will you react?
A.Will not involve in the issue
B.Will convince him of the need for being considerate to senior citizens
C.Threaten him about the consequences of such behavior
D.Report the matter to social organizations

34.Your school is located near a slum area which adversely affects your school’s environment.What steps will you take to improve the condition?
A.Select a few students and work with them to improve the slum area
B.Give more emphasis to school sanitation
C.Develop action-oriented plan as part of environmental education for children
D.Organize an agitation against local authorities

35.In your view,which of the following is a clear evidence for professionalism of a teacher?
A.Maintaining membership in a teachers organization
B.Intrinsic motivation to attned in-service courses
C.Taking classes assigned efficiently
D.Standing in the forefront in an agitation for the rights of teachers

36.While dealing with a handicapped person,the best  thing you could do for him is:
A.To feel sorry for him
B.To offer him financial help
C.To help him become self reliant
D.Send him to a poor home

37.A student who had to absent herself for a few days due to illness finds difficulty in following classes.What course of action would you consider?
A.Take initiative to arrange some compensatory programme with the help of her peers
B.Ask the parents to arrange for some special tution to make her upto date
C.Volunteer to give her private tuition for a few months
D.Point out the case to the parents and ask them to take appropriate steps

38.You are at the site of a road accident in which a person is hurt.Due to some misunderstanding people start accusing you.What will you do first?
A.Run away from the spot
B.Give first aid to the victim.
C.Convince the people that you are innocent
D.Inform the police

39.A set of students purposefully create disturbance in the class by whistling,calling obscence words,stamping,etc.What will you do?
A.Exert your authority as a teacher
B.Expel some students from the class
C.With the help of some students tackle the rowdy elements
D.Create in them a feeling of belonging to the functioning of the class

40.One of the students in your class always creates disciplinary problems.As a teacher what you will do?
A.Suspend the student
B.Ask  him why he behaves so
C.Inquire ans study  about him and try to find a solution
D.Request the principal to change him from your class.

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