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11 January 2016

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Safety Precautions & First Aid General Safety,Personal Safety,Auto Shop Safety,Fuel Safety,Safety in the use of hand tools,Fire & classification of Fire,Fire Exitinguishers,Type of portable Fire Exitinguishers,Method of operation of Fire Extinguishers,First aid,duties of first aider,First aid contents,Electric shock,Safety Signs.

Hand Tools,Power Tools & Workshop Equipments
Common  hand tools,Measuring Tools,Marking Tools,Precision Measuring Instruments,Cutting tools,Drilling Machine-Types & Uses,Tap & Dies,Flaing Tools,Wrenches,Torque wrenches,Air impact wrenches,Air ratchet wrenches.Hydraulic press,Hydraulic Jack,Screw Jack,Car washer,Hydraulic lift,oil can,grease gun,Mechanical press,Pullers-gear & bearings,Air compressor,Hydraulic & PneumaticTools,Welding Transformers,Gas welding equipment,Fasteners,locking devices.
History & development of Engines,Types of Engines,Classification of Engines,Technical terms used in Engines,Stroke,Bore,Cycle,Swept volume,Clearance volume,Total volume TDC,BDC,Otto cycle,Diesel cycle,Two stroke& Four stroke- Diesel & Petrol Engines-Comparison,Compression ratio,HP,BHP,IHP,FHP,MEP,Power,work,energy,Friction losses,specific ful consumption,thermal efficiency,Volumetric efficiency,mechanical efficiency,throw,Firing,order,Specifications,Piston & Rings-types,connecting rod,piston pin,crank shaft,cam shaft,cylinder block,linear types,cylinder head,timing chain,fly wheel,vibration damper,valves,materials,push rod,rocker arm,Starting methods,Cylinder head designed with respect to valve,arrangement of cylinder,advantage of multi cylinder engine,Suction stroke,Compression,power,exhaust,super charger,Turbo charger,working,advantages & disadvantages,scavenging,main components & parts of Engine,Materials,Vibration,Valve operating mechanism,valve clearance,tappet clearance,hydraulic valve lifter,valve fault identification,Air cleaner,reasons for fitting air cleaner,types,maintenance,pre-cleaner,intake & exhaust manifold,muffler-types,service
Cooling System-Air cooling ,water cooling ,radiator-types,parts of cooling system & antifreeze solution,Maintenance of cooling system,Advantages of water cooling system,Thermosyphon system,water pump,Fan belt tension
Lubrication System-Types of lubricant-Purpose,Advantages,Viscosity,Main parts of lubricating system types,Oil filter-types,full flow,bypass system,crank case ventilation sludge formation,low oil pressure,high oil pressure,high oil consumption,Oil pressure gauge,Types of oil pump.
Fuel System-Classification of fuels,specification & characteristics of fuel,Cetane number,octane rating & knock control,engine knocking,Petrol engine fuel system-Fuel tank,lines,feed pump,electrical,Mechanical type,carburetor-Solex,Su,working of carburetor,ventury effect MPFI,Fuel delivery system,comparison of various fuel supply system,fuel pressure regulator,throttle body injection,engine control system,engine control module,engine sensors,fuel injection control system.Diesel engine fuel system-High pressure,low pressure,fuel feed pump,FIP-types,calibration,phasing,injectors & types,Testing,CRDI,advantages,compressing chamber design,timing of FIP,bleeding system,maintenance of fuel system,automatic injection advanced mechanism.
Ignition system-Battery ignition,Magneto ignition,Ignition coil,Distributor construction,& Working,spark plug-function,types,spark advanced mechanism,maintenance,contact breaker point gap,Hot and cold plug,Heater plug,HT leads,Ignition timing,pre ignition,Detonation-Reasons,effect,transistorized ignition,electron ignition system.
Chassis Construction-Body,chassis,main component of frame,functions of frame,types of frame,chasis repair & alignment,chassis maintains,frame materials & fault,measurement of vehicles,classification of chassis Security system-Anti theft device-working ,Air bags,ABS,Seat Belt.
Suspension System-Types,functions,suspension spring-types,shackle-types,Air bag & rubber spring,advantages & disadvantages,Sprung & unsprung weight,shock absorber-types& functions,testing,Front axle-functions,Steering geometry,steering system-main parts,working,types,steering ratio,steering windages,hydraulic assisted steering,troubles,Rear axle function & types,type of axle drive,differential assembly,type of crown wheel & pinion drive,backlash,tyres & rings-types,construction,tread design,tube vulcanizing of tyres,wheel alignment,maintenance,tyre pressure.
Transmission & Brake System-Clutches,requirements,types,operation,clutch facing material,fluid fly wheel,gear box-types,selector mechanism,transfer case,torque convertor,automatic transmission,drive line,universal joint types,propeller shaft types,final drive.Types of brakes & Requirements,master cylinder,wheel cylinder,servo brake,Engine exhaust brake,Brake bleeding,Power brake,Hand Brake Air Brake
Air Conditioner system-Vehicle heating,ventilation & cooling system,Basic air condition principle,Air conditioning capacity ,control device,Air conditioning compressor.
Soldering,Brazing,Electrical units,Electrical quantities-EMF,Potential Difference,Current,Resistance,Electrical Power & Electrical Energy.Ohm’s Law,Kirchhoff’s Law,Faraday’s Law of Electrolysis,Physical effect of electric current,chemical effect of electric current,chemical effect of electric current,Heating Effect of electric current,Magnetic effect of electric current,Piezo Electric Effect,Temperture coefficient of resistance.Series circuit,parallel circuit,Series-parallel circuit.Fuse & circuit breakers,cut outs,Thermo couples,Conductors & Insulators,Types of Wires,Types of wire Joints,Colour code of wires,Measurement of size of wires,Magnetism & Electro-Magnetism,Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction.Volt meter,Ammeter,Ohm meter and Multimeter.
Lead Acid Battery-Parts,Chemical action of charging & discharging,Charging methods,Defects & Maintenance.
Alkaline Cells-Parts,Chemical action of charging & discharging,Charging methods,Defects & Maintenance.
DC Series Motors-Working Principle,Parts,Construction,Starting & Characteristics.
Dynamo-Working Principle,Parts,Construction,Starting methods,Characteristics and voltage regulators.
Alternators-Working principle,Parts,Construction & Characteristics.
Machines-Servo Motor
Types & Uses of Switches in Automobile Vehicles,Solenoid Switches,Self-starters & Types,common troubles and remedies in starter circuit,Testes.
Lighting System:Types of Bulbs used in Automobile Vehicles and their characteristics,Basic Electronics-Semiconductors,Diodes,Transistors,Thyristors,UJT,MOSFETS,Logic gates,Half wave rectifier,Full wave rectifier,Full wave Bridge rectifier,Capacitors,Low Voltage Transformer-working principle & parts
General Knowledge,Current Affairs and Renaissance in Kerala
General Knowledge
Facts about India
Geography of India-Physical features-Climate-Soils-Rivers-Famous sites-etc.
Demography-Economic and social development-Poverty alleviation-Economy and planning-etc
History of India-Period from 1857 to 1947-National movement
Facts about Kerala
Geographical Facts-Physical features-Climate-Soils-Rivers-Famous sites-etc
Renaissance in Kerala
Important Events/Movements/Leaders
Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi,Chattampi Swami,Sree Narayana Guru,Vagbhadananda,Thycaud Ayya,Ayya Vaikundar,Poikayil Yohannan(Kumara Guru),Ayyankali,Pandit Karuppan,Mannthu Padmanabhan,V.T.Bhattathirippad,Dr.Palpu,Kumaranasan,Vakkom Moulavi,Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara etc.
Current Affairs
Important world,national and regional events related to the political and scientific fields,sports,cinema and literature etc.

NOTE:It may be noted that apart from the topics detailed above,questions from other topics prescribed for the educational qualification of the post may also appear in the question paper.There is no undertaking that all the topics above may be covered in the question paper.
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