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10 August 2018

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EXAM DATE:04-08-2018
1. Name the capital of the Indian state Mizoram :
A. Dispur
B. Aizwal
C. Kohima
D. Gangtok

2. Which Indian state is abundant in Black Soil?
A. Kerala
B. West Bengal
C. Maharashtra
D. Punjab

3. Achieving Green Revolution in Eastern Indian states is the main objective of the programme
known as :
A. Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana
B. Integrated Rural Development Programme
C. Jawahar Gram Samridhi Yojana
D. Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana

4. Name the Commission appointed by the British Indian Government to enquire about the
Jallianwala Bagh Massacre :
A. Linlithgow Commission
B. Fraser Commission
C. Whitelay Commission
D. Hunter Commission

5. Common Weal’ was a newspaper started by :
A. Mahatma Gandhi
B. Subash Chandra Bose
C. Annie Beasant
D. Bal Gangadhar Tilak

6. Who founded the organization ‘Atmavidya Sangham?
A. Vaghbadananda
B. Kumaranasan
C. Sree Narayana Guru
D. Kumara Guru

7. Which country won the highest number of gold medals in the Gold Coast Common Wealth
Games 2018?
A. England
B. China
C. India
D. Australia

8. Who won the best actor award in the 65th Indian National Film Awards?
A. Ridhhi Sen
B. Fahadh Fazil
C. Mathu Ratna
D. Jairaj

9. Name the organization founded by Pandit Karuppan :
A. Travancore State Congress
B. Cochin Pulaya Sabha
C. Pratyaksha Raksha Daiva Sabha
D. Sadhu Jana Paripalana Sangham

10. Which of the following region is known for the presence of Asiatic Wild Ass?
A. Suderbans
B. Satpura Mountains
C. Rann of Kutch
D. Munnar

11. Which of the following period is known as a plan holiday in Indian History?
A. 1857-1858
B. 1966 - 1969
C. 1947-1949
D. 1961- 1963

12. Vedadhikara Niroopanam was written by :
A. Chattambi Swamikkal
B. Kumaranasan
C. Vaghbadananda
D. M.P. Bhattathiripad

13. Name the author of the book, Water Wars: Privatization, Pollution and Profit :
A. Bina Aggarwal
B. Medha Patkar
C. C.R. Neelakandan
D. Vandana Siva

14. Title of the emperor of Kulasekhara Kingdom was :
A. Porlathiri
B. Perumal
C. Valluvakonathiri
D. Thirumulpad

15. How many Rajya Sabha seats are allotted for Kerala?
A. 20
B. 11
C. 9
D. 50

16. Name the Indian wrestler who won bronze medal in Rio Olympics of 2016?
A. Kavitha Devi
B. Babitha Kumari
C. Sakshi Malik
D. Pawan Kumar

17. Name the Indian revolutionary who later became a renowned philosopher :
A. Bal Gangadhar Tilak
B. Bhagat Singh
C. Sukdev
D. Arbindo Ghosh

18. Which was the first bank to introduce ATM in India?

19. Name India’s first indigenously developed nuclear ballistic missile submarine :
A. INS Kalvari
B. INS Arihant
C. INS Shalki
D. INS Talwar

20. Hornbill festival is celebrated annually in the state of :
A. Kerala
B. Manipur
C. Nagaland
D. Goa

21. The systemic visual examination of the client is :
A. Palpation
B. Percussion
C. Inspection
D. Auscultation

22. Important natural source of vitamin D :
A. Green leafy vegetables
B. Sun light
C. Fruits
D. Wheat

23. Weaning should be started at the age of :
A. 2 months
B. 12 months
C. 24 months
D. 6 months

24. The Basic unit of society is :
A. Family
B. Government
C. Individual
D. Health

25. Placenta with cord attached to the edge is called :
A. Battledore insertion
B. Bipartite Placenta
C. Velamentous insertion
D. Circumvallate Placenta

26. PUS formation in the sockets of the teeth is :
A. Sordes
B. Cancrum oris
C. Periodontal disease
D. Tartar

27. Name the middle layer of the uterus :
A. Perimetrium
B. Myometrium
C. Myocardium
D. Endo Metrium

28. Measures taken to prevent a disease :
A. Pathogenic
B. Reservoir
C. Prophylactic
D. Garbage

29. An instrument used to examine the rectum is :
A. Otoscope
B. Proctoscopy
C. Foetoscope
D. Ophthalmoscope

30. Number of population allotted for an Anganwadi worker :
A. 1000
B. 2000
C. 10000
D. 3000

31. Excessive production of Saliva during Pregnancy is :
A. Bruxism
B. Pica
C. Ptyalism
D. Heartburn

32. Wasted appearance with old man look is typical in :
A. Kwashiorkor
B. Anaemia
C. Nephritis
D. Marasmus

33. The Angle of insertion of intra-dermal injection is :
A.25 Degree
B.15 Degree
C.45 Degree
D.90 Degree

34. Rule of Nine is a commonly used assessment in :
A. Drowning
B. Burns
C. Snake bite
D. Diarrhoea

35. Introducing medications in to the spinal canal is :
A. Intraosseous
B. Intra peritoneal
C. Hypodermic
D. Intrathecal

36. An outward bending of foot and ankle is termed as :
A. Talipes Equinus
B. Talipes Calcaneus
C. Talipes Valgus
D. Talipes Varus

37. Eligible couple belongs to the age group of :
A. 15-35
B. 15-32
C. 25-45
D. 15-44

38. Pigmentation of face during pregnancy is known as :
A. Melanin
B. Linea albu
C. Chloasma
D. Linea Nigra

39. The outer most layer of the fetal membrane :
A. Chorion
B. Amnion
C. Decidua
D. Cytotrophoblast

40. The period of first 6 weeks after delivery is :
A. Presentation
B. Parturition
C. Puerperium
D. Prolonged labour

41. Simple method to evaluate the physical condition of Newborn :
A. Bishop score
B. Glasgow coma scale
C. Percussion
D. Apgar score

42. Washer Man’s hands and feet are the typical sign of :
A. Hepatitis B
B. Cholera
C. Hepatitis E
D. Malaria

43. The causative agent of mumps :
A. Paramixo virus
B. Toga virus
C. Entero virus
D. Varicella-Zoster virus

44. The hormone which controls the calcium metabolism :
A. Thyroxine
B. Cortisone
C. Parathormone
D. Adrenaline

45. An unconscious way of Forgetting is :
A. Repression
B. Regression
C. Rationalisation
D. Sublimation

46. Color of Meconium is :
A. Dark Blue
B. Dark Green
C. Dark Yellow
D. Light Yellow

47. Eruption of teeth begins at :
A. 3 months
B. 9 months
C. 7 months
D. 6 months

48. Typhoid Fever is also known as :
A. Relapsing fever
B. Constant fever
C. Flu
D. Enteric fever

49. Excessive watery discharge from the nose is :
A. Epistaxis
B. Pruritis
C. Rhinitis
D. Stomatitis

50. Absence of menstrual period :
A. Dysuria
B. Anuria
C. Dysmenorrhea
D. Amenorrhoea

51. Taking up of cervix is termed as :
A. Cervical dialatation
B. False labour
C. Braxton Hick’s contraction
D. Effacement

52. Pelvic sign of pregnancy is :
A. Hegar’s sign
B. Foetal heart sound
C. Morning sickness
D. Quickening

53. Normal chest circumference at birth is :
A. 28-30 cm
B. 31-33 cm
C. 34-36 cm
D. 38-40 cm

54. Social smile achieved by the infant at :
 A. 4 months
B. 8 months
C. 2 months
D. 6 months

55. Involuntary passage of stool in children :
A. Encopresis
B. Enuresis
C. Bruxism
D. Dysuria

56. Endometrium during pregnancy is termed as :
A. Cytotrophoblast
B. Decidua
C. Fetus
D. Trophoblast

57. A week before and after the menstruation is considered as :
A. Ovulation period
B. Safe period
C. Pregnancy
D. Eutocia

58. Visible retraction ring is called :
A. Polarity
B. Contraction
C. Bandl’s ring
D. Fundal dominance

59. Xerophthalmia is caused by deficiency of :
A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin C
C. Vitamin E
D. Vitamin B12

60. –––––––––– is a false perception :
A. Hallucination
B. Imperception
C. Illusion
D. Reasoning

61. An example of Hinge Joint :
A. Wrist Joint
B. Elbow Joint
C. Hip Joint
D. Shoulder Joint

62. Favourable position for giving enema :
A. Knee Chest Position
B. Lithotomy Position
C. Left Lateral Position
D. Fowler’s Position

63. SOS means :
A. When required
B. If necessary in emergency
C. Very often
D. At once

64. Tearing of ligaments or tissues around a joint is called :
A. Sprain
B. Fracture
C. Subluxation
D. Crush Injury

65. Which is an emolient among the following?
A. Pottassium Permanganate
B. Sodium Chloride
C. Liquid Paraffin
D. Eusol Solution

66. The drug of choice for Ascariasis is :
A. Metronidazole
B. Mebendazole
C. Paracetamol
D. Cipro Floxacin

67. Break bone fever is the other name of :
A. Dengue Fever
B. Yellow Fever
C. Viral Fever
D. Chikungunya Fever

68. Safe and effective drug against filarial infection :
A. Mebendazole
B. Hetrazan
C. Metronidazole
D. Brufen

69. Test to find out amount of free residual chlorine present in the water :
A. Phosphatase test
B. Standard Plate count
C. Ortho-tolidine test
D. Benedicts test

70. Drugs which cause expulsion of gas from the stomach and intestines :
A. Cathartics
B. Carminatives
C. Caustics
D. Coagulants

71. One pint is –––––––––– ounce :
A. 20
B. 25
C. 15
D. 30

72. Birth weight triples by :
A. 5 months
B. Two years
C. One year
D. Three years

73. The most preferred site for intra muscular injection for children and infant is :
A. Deltoid site
B. Ventro gluteal site
C. Vastus Lateralis site
D. Dorso gluteal site

74. What is BFHI?
A. Breast Feeding and Hospital Initiative
B. Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative
C. Baby Friendly Health Institutions
D. Breast Feeding in Health care Institutions

75. Sterilization by steam under pressure is called :
A. Fumigation
B. Boiling
C. Hot air oven
D. Autoclaving

76. Freedom from Infection :
A. Sepsis
B. Asepsis
C. Bacteriostasis
D. Bacteriocidal

77. The return of uterus to it’s pre gravid state after delivery is called :
A. Involution
B. Inversion
C. Inoculation
D. Lochia

78. Neonatal period is from –––––––––– to –––––––––– days.
A. Birth to 30 days
B. Birth to 18 days
C. Birth to 8 days
D. Birth to 28 days

79. The relationship of the fetal head and limbs to it’s trunk is termed as :
A. Attitude
B. Lie
C. Position
D. Denominator

80. Sunset sign is seen in :
A. Cerebral palsy
B. Congenital heart disease
C. Hydrocephalus
D. Down syndrome

81. The pulse may be felt at –––––––––– artery in front of the wrist.
A. Brachial
B. Radial
C. Carotid
D. Poplitial

82. All the following are normal constituents of urine except :
A. Chlorides
B. Uric acid
C. Albumin
D. Water

83. An index of the standard of living of the people is :
A. National Income
B. Percapita Income
C. Social Security
D. Industrialization

84. The cabinet temperature of ILR is maintained at :
A. –2 Degree C to –6 Degree C
B. +2 Degree C to +8 Degree C
C. –2 Degree C to –4 Degree C
D. +2 Degree C to +4 Degree C

85. Smallest diameter of the fetal skull :
A. Bitemporal
B. Biparietal
C. Mentovertical
D. Occipito Frontal

86. Name one animal source of dietary fat :
A. Coconut oil
B. Ground nut oil
C. Fish oil
D. Mustard oil

87. The dose of BCG vaccine in the immunization schedule :
A. 0.5 ml
B. 0.02 ml
C. 0.05 ml
D. 0.2 ml

88. The Pentavalent vaccine given at an interval of :
A. 6 weeks, 10 weeks, 14 weeks
B. At birth, 10 weeks, 14 weeks
C. 10 weeks, 14 weeks, 24 months
D. At birth, 6 weeks, 14 weeks

89. Patients receiving INH are provided with a supplement of :
A. Folate
B. Vitamin B12
C. Vitamin C
D. Pyridoxine

90. Iodised salt includes commonsalt mixed with :
A. Pottassium chloride
B. Pottassium citrate
C. Sodium
D. Pottassium Iodate

91. Best Indicator of infant nutrition :
A. Immunization
B. Body weight
C. Malnutrition
D. Solitary play

92. The multi purpose worker’s scheme launched in :
A. 1974
B. 1982
C. 1946
D. 1998

93. Measles vaccine given only on :
A. Left upper arm
B. Right upper arm
C. Right mid thigh
D. Left mid thigh

94. Incubation period of Hepatitis B :
A. 10-50 days
B. 10 to 14 days
C. 50 to 180 days
D. 50 to 150 days

95. Route of Administration of tuberculin test is :
A. Subcutaneous
B. Intravenous
C. Intra muscular
D. Intra dermal

96. The first course of oral contraceptive pill should be strictly started on which day of
menstruation :
A. 5th day
B. 4th day
C. 6th day
D. 3rd day

97. During pregnancy fundus felt at the level of Xiphisternum :
A. 22 weeks
B. 36 weeks
C. 32 weeks
D. 30 weeks

98. World Tuberculosis (TB) Day is observed on :
A. 15th April
B. 14th November
C. 22nd March
D. 24th March

99. The heart of slow sand filter is :
A. Vital Layer
B. Slimy Layer
C. Flocculation
D. Sedimentation

100. The Theme of World Health Day 2018 is :
A. Depression Let’s Talk
B. Healthy Heart Beat, Healthy Blood Pressure
C. Universal Health Coverage : Every One, Every where
D. Vector-Borne Diseases


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